The Four Ground-Breaking Unknown Facts of Reality by Burt Harding
5”x7” | 03/02/17

.339MB | 03/02/17

The Four Ground-Breaking Unknown Facts of Reality

Burt Harding

  • Author of Awareness Series
  • ACIM Based Teachings
  • YouTube Channel Features Satsangs
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Understand these Four Unknown Facts of Reality and you will never think the same again. These Four Facts of Reality will answer every possible question about life. Anything the human mind can ask is clearly delineated in these four magnificent and clear-cut truths. They will explain the seeming paradox of truth, the self-contradictions, the reason we sabotage ourselves, the fears we labor under, the emotional pains we keep repeating, the unrelenting frustrations of coming and going, the inability to have faith in our own true nature and, most of all, why we cannot comprehend simple obvious truths about us. For those ready and ripe individuals, these four facts are a great blessing. They are simplicity itself and make psychology, philosophy, metaphysics and all spiritual beliefs so clear that peace and faith are a natural result.

Burt Hardingdiv-yellowBURT HARDING

Burt Harding offers a radical invitation to recognize the truth of our being as already whole and fulfilled. He reminds us of the love we really are beyond the emotions and personal stories we carry. In this way, we come to recognize how beautiful we really are in our essence. Burt lives and teaches in Canada.

Awareness Trilogy Reviews
“I have read the author’s previous book (which was excellent…) and other non duality books (some of them were also great).
But here for the first time I saw a clear explanation about the difference between awareness and consciousness….

from the book:

‘To be conscious of a thought is to identify with it as being there. See this clearly. Consciousness identifies with thought simply because consciousness creates the thought in the first place. Awareness, on the other hand, sees thought as a thought and not reality as consciousness does.’

Non duality is hard to explain because Awareness can’t be grasped with the 5 senses but luckily we have teachers who can give us pointers to understand it. Burt is one of those gifted teachers…”


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