The Journey Home: Awakening in the Dream
6”x9” | 12/04/13

2.40MB | 12/18/13

The Journey Home

Awakening in the Dream

Volume 2

  • Global Collaborative Open Book Project
  • In Partnership with ONE the Magazine

20 Multifaceted Lives, 20 Unique Stories — In an instant of grace we can experience coming Home to ourselves and to the astonishing discovery that in truth we were never anywhere other than Home… This is the great cosmic joke!

Volume 2 Theme: The peace, the love, the spiritual understanding we having been searching for throughout time has never been anywhere other than here–closer than the breath, before the next thought–exactly as we are.


Emma Bickley, Fred Davis, Courtney Dukelow, Shanti Einolander, Gangaji, Christine Horner, Sahaja Jaeger, Amoda Maa Jeevan, Scott Kiloby, Hillary Larson, Zubinr Mathai, Sutraray Robinson, Jessica Rzeszewski, Kia Scherr, Elizabeth Schmidt Pabst, Miriam Louisa Simons, Unmani, Enza Vita, Alison Walker, Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

Endorsements & Reviews
“I received this as a gift, and was just delighted with it. It’s so energizing to read about the paths of these leaders.”
Tammy M. Kelly

Amazon Review

“Full of inspiring, short, autobiographical awakening stories. Illustrates how spiritual awakenings can be so different in the form they take but lead to the same realisation – we are the awareness in which every thing happens, and there is no someone who is aware.”
Michael Dawson

Amazon Review

“It’s really affirming to read about others’ experiences in seeing. There seems to be a growing community of others who have seen the truth and more instances of awakening on the planet. This book also includes important resources and links for further help and inquiry.”
Kim Carmichael

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