Spirit Touch by William Martino
6”x9” | 06/01/12

3.69MB | 07/28/12

Spirit Touch

The Masteries in Meditation

William Martino

  • Former Zen Monk
  • Wellness Consultant
  • Marshall Arts Expert

Shades of silence are the true meaning of thoughts.  Therefore, each individual has a plan to get to this silent awareness.  Our plan is given according to our true loves as individuals.

Practice, of course, is an illusion.  But sometimes, having a body/mind, we must play by the rules of the illusion we are bound by. If you consider yourself a spiritually awakened person or a healer, do you have insights that others may benefit from?

We all do! However, if you are not stabilized and healthy, how shall you help others?

I want you to find what you love and do it, whether you’re a healer or in housekeeping. What you love will lead you to your inherent immaculate nature. We are on the journey, a game, which reminds us we are already unbounded, infinite and invincible.

During my own personal countless hours of meditation, internal power development and study, FLOW was developed to unlock the “secrets” of personal restoration.  Each day we can affect a deep, full, far-reaching transformation of consciousness that is truly miraculous.

Take a leap of faith here, now, and in doing so there will manifest a paradigm shift in your entire life! In just one second of clear decision—this second.

William Martinodiv-yellowWILLIAM MARTINO

Author, teacher, poet, Zen, Qigong, Meditation and Martial Arts master; William Martino delivers more results in less time. Refresh your energy and discover the insight necessary to get flowing. William lives in Colorado. He is a wellness consultant and travels the world with his program FLOW. www.WilliamMartino. com

Endorsements & Reviews
“William commands a broad knowledge of various religious teachings of the world and more mportantly has an innate ability to identify their core principles and discern the similarities between them. The healing alliance (headed up by Will) has adopted no-nonsense, practical approaches in consciousness research and spiritual practices … the logic of faith, as will calls it describes a simple, common sense approach to enlightenment. Whereas he is continually open to new paths to enlightenment, each must first be subjected to Occam’s razor. Will continually strives to construct a self-consistent and self-encompassing model for spirit and its interaction with us and nature.
Dr. Phillip Chilson

“I send my prayer and best wishes to William Martino and all of you to blossom love, wisdom, and presence of life in your spiritual journey. William teaches advanced inner practices resulting in increased peace, happiness and strength. Thank you for forming Enlightening Wellness.
Nawang Kechog

Musician, Opens for the Dalai Lama globally