The Perfection of Awareness by Burt Harding
5”x8” | 03/05/14

.302MB | 03/18/14

The Perfection of Awareness

A Simplified and Practical Way to Awaken
Love & Freedom

Burt Harding

  • Second Installment in Awareness Trilogy
  • ACIM Based Teachings
  • YouTube Channel Features Satsangs »

The perfect stand-alone or companion book to Burt Harding’s, Hiding in Plain Sight.

What you are looking at right now could be just what you need. Imagine your heart warm and open, your spine pleasantly tingling. You feel like floating on air. As you look, the colors are brighter, the sounds clearer, like you are truly experiencing your surroundings for the first time.

This is how you’ll feel when you release the “holdings” of your conditioning. This book will help you do just that as you are pointed in the right direction. Through understanding its message, you’ll discover the sacred, the radiant, beautiful awareness of presence everywhere you look


Burt Hardingdiv-yellowBURT HARDING

Burt Harding offers a radical invitation to recognize the truth of our being as already whole and fulfilled. He reminds us of the love we really are beyond the emotions and personal stories we carry. In this way, we come to recognize how beautiful we really are in our essence. Burt lives and teaches in Canada.

Endorsements & Reviews
“I love this book. I ordered it immediately after I had finished Burt Harding’s first book “Hiding In Plain Sight”, and it made an even bigger impact on me. Learning to make a distinction between thoughts and emotions on one side, and pure awareness on the other side, allowed me to get a glimpse at true spiritual freedom. While I found the first book very “interesting”, this book changed my behavior and mental/emotional landscape. I am not the same person anymore. Can’t say in what way exactly, I just know.

This book is more practical than the first one, and I like the exercises, especially the one on page 53. While I do have a specific spiritual path, Burt Hardings books are only enhancing and illuminating it.

Carna Zacharias-Miller

Amazon Review

“another great book that explains pure awareness, easy to understand… also great information about the nine feelings: ’emotional and spiritual’ and how to release negative emotions.

Amazon Review