Master Within by Master Chen
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Master Within

Passion for Life

Master Chen

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Tao follows what is nature and then unites with heaven as one.  This is the core philosophy of Taoism.  Through my own personal experience as a Taoist priest, I explain the Taoist philosophy of life in a very practical way.  By looking at life from another way, I hope to provide you an understanding that life is a joyful journey.  We are each the creator and entertainer of our own personal, joyful lives.

Taoism spans over five thousand years of history but still, Western society has received few clear explanations and has only a limited understanding of practical Taoist philosophy.

Master Chendiv-yellowMASTER CHEN

For over 20 years now Master Chen has communicated the little understood Taoist wisdom of the Eastern world to people in the West. Master Chen has taught and befriended many of thousands of students. Master Chen guides you in learning an ancient wisdom to live passionately with self and others.  www.WuDangTao. com

EDITOR’S NOTE: To carry forward the lessons he [Master Chen] has devoted a life to learning and to assist his readers in attaining their own mastery, he has combined events from his own life, his childhood, family, education and the tests that he faced, together with a tale of a young man called to higher purpose and power. By creating a character whose adventures help teach us all, Master Chen becomes the young boy who is called to greatness, overcomes all obstacles, and rises to a state of high mastery.

Endorsements & Reviews
“Master Chen provides a living guide on how to apply Taoism to real life. He makes it very clear how to intrepret these ancient teachings to those who have not grown up in Chinese culture. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the true practices of Taoism in an easy to follow and entertaining book. He includes “homework” as well that realy helps you get in touch with your true “Master Within”.
Tim Bruewer

Amazon Review

“This book is a condensed version of many of Master Chen’s workshops. I have never met anyone who could so easily describe the essence of ancient Eastern philosophy to Americans. The book is a fun to read, easy to understand and filled with many of Chen’s life experiences. It is an excellent guide for physical, emotional and spiritual growth. The book is broken in to many chapters on a wide variety of spiritual growth topics. In addition to being filled with wisdom, there are even simple self exercises in every chapter. Having read many personal growth books in the past, I found these exercises to be fun and challenging. Master Chen clearly has achieved a spiritual breakthrough in his own life to be able to make so many complicated life issues seem so simple. This is the best $18 I have spent all year. Highly recommend it to anyone interested in spiritual growth, Eastern philosophy, emotional transformation and personal realization.
N Schnell

Amazon Review

“I was fortunate enough to be able to spend an entire week with Master Chen. I was in the first Master Within program and it changed my life in so many ways—all of them good! Everything he has to say makes sense. The Taoist philosophy really resonates with me. I don’t just study it, I “walk the talk” as Master Chen says! Observe nature, observe yourself, teach yourself.

Amazon Review