Awakening Leadership: Be the Leader You Were Born to Be for Millennials & TransGenerationals (Generations Y & Z) by Christine Horner
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Awakening Leadership

Be the Leader You Were Born to Be for Millennials & TransGenerationals
(Generations Y & Z)

Christine Horner

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Character-Based Leadership for the New Millennium. Say hello to the first generations in history fully free to express yourselves thanks to a lot of help from first-wave Millennials, Generation X, and vanguard Baby Boomers. You know your worth and that you’re bigger than your body. Discovering the meaning and purpose of your life is the heart and soul of becoming the person who would inspire you the most.

Leadership is about being the change you wish to see in the world, making you a beacon of light for others to emulate. The new leadership paradigm invites you to step into your highest potential expressed through your strengths. What are you good at?

In the New Leadership Blueprint, sustainability becomes the new Golden Rule that redefines morality, values, the way we care for one another and the planet. Coming together, we create healthy communities, locally and globally, to do what we can’t do alone so that good trickles up. It’s your time to thrive!

Christine Hornerdiv-yellowCHRISTINE HORNER

Nominated for the 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize, Christine is co-founder of the What Would Love Do Foundation, an internationally syndicated writer, columnist, and Huffington Post blogger. Christine enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction that offers a higher consciousness perspective on the human experience.

Endorsements & Reviews
“Christine Horner’s little book on big leadership provides ample strategies and suggestions to help one lead through the persistent volution that is everyday life and change. Whether you are in. position of leadership, working on a team, or just interested in how to spark confidence and action in a community, school, family, or group, Horner’s 30 points of the New Leadership Blueprint will guide you towards leadership success in a balanced and nature-inspired way.”
Rita Johnson

Librarian, Carnegie Libraries of Pittsburgh

“Awaking Leadership is an enlightening read for Generation Y and Z and a reminder of earlier days for Boomers before we fell into lockstep with the corporate world or were molded by the ideas of others. Horner modernizes and adds a new twist to Richard Bach and the Age of Aquarius in this very well written and informative book.”

The International Review of Books

— 5/5 Stars